Truck Cab Air Conditioning

Driving for hours and hours day after day can be very tiring without  a comfortable rest it is not only exhausting, but can be dangerous. During hot summer nights it is hard to get a good nights sleep in a truck cab with only a small fan mounted at the far end of the bed, well now there is a solution for getting that good nights sleep. The Webasto range of in-cabin air coolers consist of two evaporative cooling systems and one refrigerative air conditioning system. The evaporative systems offer a rear cab mount or a roof mount option, whilst the DC powered air conditioning system is a slim line rear cab mount. The Webasto range of cab air coolers utilize electric pumps and fans making them whisper quiet and all units have automatic low voltage shut-off switches so there is no need to worry about a flat battery in the morning. Just lie down, relax and get a good nights sleep.
We also supply and install the Webasto range of heaters. So whether you need warming up or cooling down and whether it's a truck, a caravan or a motorhome we have a solution to suit your needs. (Refrigerant Trading Authorisation No: AU48020)

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WCR are the proud supplier and authorized installer of the Webasto range of truck cab cooling and heating systems.

Air Conditioning Fresco 3000

The Fresco 3000 is a DC powered air-conditioning system which works while the vehicle's engine is turned off allowing drivers to rest comfortably day and night. This rear cab mounted A/C unit reduces the internal temperature and lowers humidity in the cabin. Due to its lightweight and low profile design the Fresco 3000 is suitable for most trucks without compromising fuel loads or chassis space. Let the driver enjoy an ideal temperature in the sleeping cabin to gain enough power for the next day on the road. 

Available in both 12 & 24 volt

Cooling capacity 950 W / 3250 BTU/hr

6 speed fan

Very low noise

Low profile DANFOSS compressor

2 year Australia wide warranty

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ByCool Revolution Evaporative Cooler

The Revolution is a slim line roof top mounted evaporative cab cooler to provide the truck driver with al cool comfortable environment during rest breaks. This unit works with the engine switched off and also running to accelerate the cooling down process in the cabin. The driver will recover from a long day on the road and will be relaxed for more challenges the next morning.

Available in both 12 & 24 volt

No fuel consumption

Quiet operation day and night

8 fan speeds

Programmable Timing

2 year Australia wide warranty


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The Mochila cooling system is a rear mounted evaporative cab cooler to allow the driver rest in comfortable cool air in his sleeping cabin during rest breaks. It is a very popular choice as it is designed for trucks with limited roof space. The low profile does not interfere with the trailer and with its quiet operation the units provides cool comfort in the cabin.

Available in both 12 & 24 volt

Rear mounted unit

No fuel consumption

Very low noise

Remote control with timer function

2 year Australia wide warranty


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Truck Air Installations

We can also custom colour match the systems to suit your vehicle.


Diesel Heater Air Top 2000ST for TRUCK and RV

We also proudly supply and install the Webasto range of diesel heaters. These air heating systems are the ultimate choice when it comes to heating the driver's cabin. These heaters heat up the air very quickly and powerful. Due to their compact dimensions they are easy to install. Their low fuel and power consumption make the Webasto heater cost effective to operate. We also supply and install Webasto diesel heaters for your caravan and motorhome to provide cozy warmth in the cabin while you are on your trip.

Available in 12 or 24 volt

Powerful Heat output partial load: 0.9 kW & full load: 2 kW

Very low power consumption, partial load: 9 W & full load: 22 W

Very low fuel consumption, partial load: 0.12 l/hr & full load: 0.24 l/hr

The heater running costs can be as low as *1 ltr of fuel per 5 hrs

Low noise

2 year Australia wide warranty



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