PA Hire equipment

We hire out portable PA systems to cover most public events, such as:

  • Hall gatherings
  • Meetings, presentations & seminars
  • Indoor & outdoor sporting events

Our systems consist of the following options:

  • Weather proof horns for outdoor events
  • Extension speaker cabinets for indoor events
  • Handheld & lapel style wireless microphones
  • Speaker & microphone stands

See hire prices below


PA Hire Pricing

150W Portable PA system with built in rechargeable batteries

Option 1

- Portable PA system with wireless lapel OR handheld microphone (includes microphone stand)

  $69 For Day Hire / $110 For Weekend Hire

Option 2

- Portable PA system with wireless lapel AND handheld microphone (includes microphone stand)

  $89 For Day Hire / $130 For Weekend Hire

Extension speaker options for larger events

- Extension speaker to suit portable PA system                               

  $33 For Day Hire / $55 For Weekend Hire

- Speaker stand to suit portable PA or extension speaker                                       

  $11 For Day Hire / $17.50 For Weekend Hire

- 2 x PA horn speakers on stands                                 

  $55 For Day Hire / $88 For Weekend Hire

Mixer amplifier & speaker pack

- 7 Channel powered mixer, 15" horn loaded speaker bins, stands and leads

  $195 For Day Hire / $295 For Weekend Hire