Premium Hi-Fi & Home Theatre Systems

Most people don't realise the difference a good home theatre system can make to the overall movie experience. DVD and Blu-Ray players make the most out of the soundtrack recorded within a movie but without the use of a digital surround sound system, most people will never get to hear what the original soundtrack was capable of.
Whether you want a micro system for a little ambience or a full blown state of the art 10.2 channel set up to make it feel like you are right there in the movie itself, we can supply you with what you need and also install the system for you. With over 100 years combined experience in home audio systems and installations you can rest assured that you are in the right hands.

Sonos Multi-Room Audio

Change the soundtrack to your life with a Sonos home audio system designed to fit with the way you live. Installing a multi-room audio system in your home opens up new opportunities for socializing and working in harmony. Listen to some Lenny Kravitz in your lounge room while Cat Stevens plays outside by the pool and the Screaming Jets play in one of the bedrooms, all at the same time. Stream radio stations from around the world or stream music from online music services such as MOG, Spotify and Songl, you can have instant access to over 20 million songs all at your finger tips direct from your smart phone or tablet!

Stealth Acoustics Sleek Design

Hate the look of speakers in your room? No problem. With the new range of Stealth Acoustics invisible speakers you can have it all, premium sound that doesn't ruin the decor. Yes, that's right....completely invisible! No boxy speakers, no brackets, no grills, just your everyday walls.