In Car/Truck DVD

Here at WCR we believe that a holiday break should be just that, a break. When you are trying to drive away from all the stress of work and looking for a change of scenery for a week or two, the last thing you need to hear is "Are we there yet?"  Why not make the trip to your holiday destination a little more enjoyable for the kids by letting them kick back, relax and watch a movie or two. Our DVD video systems are available in sizes from 7" through to 17" screens and start at only $899 installed. The sound from most of our DVD systems can run through the factory radio in your car and also come with two IR headphones so you can listen to your favourite CD's in the front while the kids use the headphones in the back.

We also supply and install truck, caravan and motorhome HDTV and DVD systems in sizes from 19" to 42".